When nature is perceived as a network, its vulnerability becomes apparent. Everything holds together. If one thread is pulled, the entire tapestry can unravel […]. Andrea Wulf, The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World See more Por: Ana Cárdenas Back


They say the world is changing… but they are not. They are still there, just as they were hundreds or even thousands of years ago. They observe us, undisturbed, perhaps with curiosity, although their gaze is really more of empathy and compassion. And we are there, in awe of a people who come from an …

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An homage to the Misak culture of the Cauca Department in Colombia, “These drawings evoke the indigenous thought of the Misak, children of the downpour, children of water. In my conversations with them I have understood that they are the protectors of the paramos, of water, and they look after the mountain and the high-altitude …

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Art for BOGOTÁ

A collaborative show with artist Luis Fernando Roldán. The project used a game of chance to decide, chaotically but according to certain rules or guidelines, where to plant a tree for each victim of violence in Bogotá in 1997. There were 7,800 victims that year, and 7,800 trees to be planted in Bogotá, according to …

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I believe that the God of this lively, terrestrial artist is closer to the pantheistic God of the kindly heterodox Jew Baruch Spinoza than to the Olympian God of the Church fathers. González looks at our natural surroundings—animal, vegetable, mineral—and paints and models them with extraordinary gentleness, yet in the manner of Spinoza as well, …

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Bellas Durmients

This series of documentary photographs titled “Bellas Durmientes” (Sleeping Beauties) was shot in 2013 in a hastily abandoned house in Córdoba, Colombia, an architectural space seized by untamed plant life as if by a guest who gradually, stealthily takes over. See more The landscape enters into this period of work in dynamic contrast to the …

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Trees, flowers, bees, grass, rivers, mountains, clouds, stones… Nature is a great metaphor. A landscape is a projection of human feelings, a cultural construction that can be decoded as a textual system in which its objects, such as plants, animals, insects, minerals and water, are interpreted as symbols or allegories. See more Por: Mariangela Méndez …

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