Ana Gonzalez Rojas


Ana González Rojas

Bogotá, Colombia. 1974

An architecture graduate from Universidad de los Andes, González has a specialization in Art and Gender Studies from Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland, and she completed a master’s degree in Photography/Printmaking/Publishing at the ENSBA and the ESCP in Paris, France. Her works and sculptural interventions reveal a particular concern with understanding forced displacement, architecture, nature and absence from the perspective of the feminine, traditional trades, inheritance and facture. She has developed her body of work based on the experience of listening carefully in parallel to her work, to persons/artisans from the population of displaced victims of the armed conflict who have immigrated to urban areas.

Projects like Bellas Durmientes, Mutatio, Pass i flora, Nymphaea Salvaje and Mutuum are clear evidence of her interest in examining architecture abandoned by forced displacement, encroachment of the natural world and the exploration of the phenomena happening there. Trades, facture and family traditions are part of her motivation for highlighting the feminine and the organic side of her history. In each work, there are trades that she learned from her grandmother, an embroiderer, and her grandfather, a photographer. Her passion for investigating the life and perspective of women in the fields of arts and sciences across history has been an inspiration that complements her work.