Ana Gonzalez Rojas




When nature is perceived as a network, its vulnerability becomes apparent. Everything holds together. If one thread is pulled, the entire tapestry can unravel […].

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I believe that the God of this lively, terrestrial artist is closer to the pantheistic God of the kindly heterodox Jew Baruch Spinoza than to

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Hijas del agua

This book celebrates mythic origins. Each work of art serves as a prayer. Together they awaken the mystic threads of memory that reach back to

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Bellas Durmients

This series of documentary photographs titled “Bellas Durmientes” (Sleeping Beauties) was shot in 2013 in a hastily abandoned house in Córdoba, Colombia, an architectural space

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Trees, flowers, bees, grass, rivers, mountains, clouds, stones… Nature is a great metaphor. A landscape is a projection of human feelings, a cultural construction that

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In this project, the artist works closely with displaced communities from Chocó who have been living in Bogotá for several years. It compiles many stories

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A collaborative audiovisual work with composer Miguel Carrillo Samper, “Mutatio” is the central axis for a series of works by the same name. In Latin,

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In the beginning, nothing existed; there was no Earth, no Sun, no Moon. Everything was darkness, everything was water. Water was the mother creator. And

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Pass i flora

The “Pass i flora” project is divided into several parts. The first, “Mutatio,” a collaborative work with the composer Miguel Carrillo Samper, is the central

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