Ana Gonzalez Rojas




There are only bloody fairy tales, because every fairytale is born from the depths of blood and fear.” Franz Kafka, 1952 In this series, Ana

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“OA…without moving”

Ana González belongs to a generation of enterprising artists who cultivate their trade within the narrow thresholds of aesthetics. Her career, nourished by a very

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When nature is perceived as a network, its vulnerability becomes apparent. Everything holds together. If one thread is pulled, the entire tapestry can unravel […].

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Hijas del agua – Wade Davis

Wade Davis CreditsColaboración Ana Gonzalez – Ruven Afanador This book celebrates mythic origins. Each work of art serves as a prayer. Together they awaken the

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Ancestral Mutualisms

One hundred and twenty million years ago, when dinosaurs lived on Earth, a mutually beneficial interaction started between small winged creatures and flowering plants. This

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