Ana Gonzalez Rojas




They say the world is changing… but they are not. They are still there, just as they were hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

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An homage to the Misak culture of the Cauca Department in Colombia, “These drawings evoke the indigenous thought of the Misak, children of the downpour,

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Reserve Maticuru

In this project (yet to be exhibited), the artist worked for three years with forty Coreguaje indigenous people who had been displaced from a reserve

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Art for BOGOTÁ

A collaborative show with artist Luis Fernando Roldán. The project used a game of chance to decide, chaotically but according to certain rules or guidelines,

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Photography Production

These photos are part of the artist’s photographic archive from her early years in Paris, where she did set design and production for photographers like

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Health Battalion

In this project, the artist worked with a group of six soldiers wounded in combat by anti-personnel mines and explosives. She held workshops for “memory

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