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When nature is perceived as a network, its vulnerability becomes apparent. Everything holds together. If one thread is pulled, the entire tapestry can unravel […]. Andrea Wulf, The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World See more Por: Ana Cárdenas Back


I believe that the God of this lively, terrestrial artist is closer to the pantheistic God of the kindly heterodox Jew Baruch Spinoza than to the Olympian God of the Church fathers. González looks at our natural surroundings—animal, vegetable, mineral—and paints and models them with extraordinary gentleness, yet in the manner of Spinoza as well, …

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Bellas Durmients

This series of documentary photographs titled “Bellas Durmientes” (Sleeping Beauties) was shot in 2013 in a hastily abandoned house in Córdoba, Colombia, an architectural space seized by untamed plant life as if by a guest who gradually, stealthily takes over. See more The landscape enters into this period of work in dynamic contrast to the …

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Trees, flowers, bees, grass, rivers, mountains, clouds, stones… Nature is a great metaphor. A landscape is a projection of human feelings, a cultural construction that can be decoded as a textual system in which its objects, such as plants, animals, insects, minerals and water, are interpreted as symbols or allegories. See more Por: Mariangela Méndez …

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In this project, the artist works closely with displaced communities from Chocó who have been living in Bogotá for several years. It compiles many stories from people who have experienced the violence of drug trafficking and have now become invisible in the city, like ghosts. Liberi proposes an exploration by the viewer where he or …

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A collaborative audiovisual work with composer Miguel Carrillo Samper, “Mutatio” is the central axis for a series of works by the same name. In Latin, mutatio means change, transformation, mutation, and it refers to the transition from chaos to seed to life, the nearly biological mutation that begins with chaos or chance to open up …

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In the beginning, nothing existed; there was no Earth, no Sun, no Moon. Everything was darkness, everything was water. Water was the mother creator. And when Mother Se created the world, she saw the need for a person of flesh and bone, someone to watch over the land. This is why Mother Se created us, …

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Pass i flora

The “Pass i flora” project is divided into several parts. The first, “Mutatio,” a collaborative work with the composer Miguel Carrillo Samper, is the central axis of the series because it addresses chaos, the seed and life, the nearly biological mutation that begins with chaos or chance to open up new definitions of reality. See …

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