Ana Gonzalez Rojas



A collaborative audiovisual work with composer Miguel Carrillo Samper, “Mutatio” is the central axis for a series of works by the same name. In Latin, mutatio means change, transformation, mutation, and it refers to the transition from chaos to seed to life, the nearly biological mutation that begins with chaos or chance to open up new definitions of reality.

This video was made based on 340 graphite drawings on paper and an evolving graphite drawing on a cracked wall.

The music for this work was composed for piano and glockenspiel. The idea was to lend it the universality and sonic purity of the piano and a connection to childhood thanks to the glockenspiel (whose name in German means “bell play,” evoking play and childhood).

An essential part of the work is the post-production for sound, which uses “sound layers” to evoke different dimensions, emulating the diverse perspectives and memories of people who have had traumatic experiences, where the same lived event can be remembered differently by several people. In addition, the audio tracks are combined with “reverse tape” (an effect created by recording a sound and then reversing it so that, when played, it sounds inverted). This effect was done to emulate the process of remembering where one, as a character, “returns to the past,” to memory.

“Mutatio” evokes the cycle of pain and death that gives way to new forms of life and transformation.