Health Battalion

In this project, the artist worked with a group of six soldiers wounded in combat by anti-personnel mines and explosives. She held workshops for “memory and reconstruction” in the “Batallón de sanidad” (Health Battalion) and afterwards developed a work based on the images and experiences that the soldiers, now blinded by anti-personnel mines, found they …

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Art for BOGOTÁ

A collaborative show with artist Luis Fernando Roldán. The project used a game of chance to decide, chaotically but according to certain rules or guidelines, where to plant a tree for each victim of violence in Bogotá in 1997. There were 7,800 victims that year, and 7,800 trees to be planted in Bogotá, according to …

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An homage to the Misak culture of the Cauca Department in Colombia, “These drawings evoke the indigenous thought of the Misak, children of the downpour, children of water. In my conversations with them I have understood that they are the protectors of the paramos, of water, and they look after the mountain and the high-altitude …

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