By: Ana González

-Audio-Video-Installation. Music by: Miguel Carrillo
Duration: 01:49 minutes
Girl: Giseth Palacios
Video: Randi Luna

-Photographic strip: Liberi II
Printed in a 240 gr. photographic paper. Laminated.
Edition: Series 1/6
Dimensions: 196 x 113 cms.
Year: 2013

Pass i Flora

A view of Colombia’s contemporary artistic creation

By Gerardo Zavarce, Okyo Gallery, Caracas, 2013

The artistic work that Ana González (1974) presents in the Okyo gallery (Caracas, Venezuela, September 2013) is an opportunity to explore in a succinct manner the path that emerging Colombian art is following. We can assume that her creative stance develops as an expression of several searches and traditions that are typical in our latitude, characterized by diversity, mobility, incessant transformation and conflict, which are elements that catalyze creative experiences.

Pass i Flora

Entrevista, El Espectador

You are interested in told stories that have been built by memory. Why are you interested in the intangible nature of narrated stories? 
Because many times great part of our past is in the oral legacy. Most of the stories, anecdotes and details of what happened have not been written, they have been told, cried over and suffered. They have also healed and that is the most important part of my work.